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6 Tips for Proactively Managing Your Career

Most people are not aware of the true value of proactive career management. We wanted to share some tips we have found can make a substantial difference in both the type of role and the compensation package you may receive next. Remember, your best leverage is when you are employed and not desperate. So, what can you do now, even if you are happy with your current position?
                                                    1. Keep your resume updated.  Review it every three months and add accomplishments as they come along.  They are much easier to remember.  You may not need it now, but you will have it ready when that “perfect” opportunity all of a sudden presents itself.  

2. Get LinkedIn recommendations upon completion of a successful project from superiors and clients.  Candidates with LinkedIn recommendations are preferred over those who do not have recommendations, and at least three is a good number. However, getting all your recommendations at the same time is suspect to recruiters and hiring managers.  Plus, if your success is freshly minted, your reference can be more specific about your accomplishments. What may be important to you, may not be memorable to a reference a year from now.

3. Keep skills updated.  What new skills are required in your field? Is there some training you should proactively seek to keep you competitive?

4. Formulate a plan and timeframe for achieving your goals.  What is the next goal for you in your career?  It is proven that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. 

5. Have key relationships established.  Premier executive search firms have the best success with passive clients who are not actively looking.  Do you know why? Chances are the “perfect” opportunity will not come along when you are desperate to have it.  Why not have the  “perfect” opportunity find you?  That is the job of a premier recruiter.  Most people do not think this way, but it is the reason a proactive colleague will advance before you do.

6. Make the most of your recruiter relationship. Be upfront and transparent about your goals, background and criteria for making a change. Be very specific about what you are seeking including geographic location, duties and expectations from the role, culture of the workplace, work/life balance, amount of travel and salary requirements.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.  All of the professionals at Odom & Co are specialists in various areas of executive healthcare marketing, communications and research opportunities across the globe. It is our mission to find you “your” perfect opportunity, whether that is next month or next year.
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