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Being Social Includes Saying “Thank You”

Mom told you to share, but she also said to say “please” and “thank you.”

With all the buzz about “influence’ in social media, people are forgetting real social media clout is built on “trust.”  How trustworthy are you?

At TWTRCON last month, Laura Fitton, aka @pistachio, stated that “Influence is serving others.” I would add it is also attained by appreciating others.  By responding and showing genuine appreciation to all of your followers, you build trust.

With the advent of Klout and other measures of social influence, a disturbing pattern is surfacing. Some folks, including social media experts, only curry favor and are inclusive of those they may deem influential.  Don’t be guilty of taking for granted anyone who retweets your tweet or spreads your thought leadership in Facebook or in a blog. Do you comment back or express that you “like” that someone mentioned you?  Those in social media know the value this provides. If you are advocating best practices in social media, don’t forget, a simple “thank you” goes a long way– and that is being social!  (Graphic by the|G|™)


Pharma especially needs to focus on building trust.  This entire issue of Siren Interactive’s “Adventures in eMarketing” is about pharma and trust, and is worth your read. The following graphic in the newsletter is a Research Insight about Epsilon, A Prescription for Customer Engagement, March 2010, which explores the issue of online trust and the pharmaceutical industry.  As you can see, at 13%, there is a lot of room for improvement. How would you recommend pharma could build more trust?

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5 responses to “Being Social Includes Saying “Thank You””

  1. Nice!

    13% is a tough number to work from.

    As I say: “Trust is Capital, Capital is Trust”.

    Imagine if our global capital system had a 13% trust level – it would collapse. …Oh wait, it did collapse in 2008! 😉

    Clearly, Pharma – and to a lesser extend Healthcare – has a lot of work cut out. I don’t know if the Industry will be able to substantially create more trust-capital.

    However – individual companies can. Right now, if I were an executive leader of a h/care or pharma, I sure would be doing my best to re-design business processes, socialize my communications strategies and hire the smartest, most ambitious and ethically devoted talent I could find. 🙂


  2. Hi Angela,

    Here’s my simple thank you for including Siren’s enewsletter, Adventures in eMarketing!

    Excellent post and I agree it’s important to appreciate and publicly recognize the support that others give us in social media (and in real life). I’ve heard others groaning that they get tired of seeing “Thanks for the RT” on Twitter. But I like seeing this courtesy and kindness.

    Trust, especially online, is a fascinating topic. Have you read Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julian Smith? I recommend it: http://www.trustagent.com



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  4. Thank you for your comments, Phil! Hiring people who understand the social conversation will only get more important. As social business design evolves, there is truly an opportunity for innovators. As you and I have discussed, “polymaths” who can be flexible across the organization will be key to bringing it together and, hopefully, building more trust!

    Congratulations, by the way, on your new website, http://healthissocial.com! To think, it started with a blog post. 😉

    Angela Dunn

  5. Thank you, Eileen! Your newsletter provides lots of valuable information. “Trust Agents” is on my list as I am developing a reading club to be added to our Resource Hub for Healthcare Communications & Social Media Professionals at http://facebook.com/odomandco. Thank you for the recommendation, and we hope you can join us!

    Angela Dunn