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GOOD READING: “The Experience Effect” by Jim Joseph

Congratulations to Phil Baumann, winner of our July “FAN”tastic First Friday contest.  Phil will receive an autographed copy of “The Experience Effect” by Jim Joseph.*

Jim Joseph’s newly released book, “The Experience Effect,” provides a timely look as well as tools to assess your brand from an integrated marketing approach.  With all the buzz on how social media is changing the customer experience, Jim’s book takes you back to looking at the Big Picture and evaluating the whole experience.  Jim says it starts with understanding all the “touchpoints” that a brand has with its customer.

“How consumers feel about brands is completed shaped by [all] the interactions they have with them,” says Jim. He defines a touchpoint as “anything that puts the brand within arm’s reach of a consumer–movie theatre, cell phones, bathroom stalls, chat rooms–anything and everything.”  A touchpoint has rational and emotional components.

I loved this idea: “If you can swing it, spend a day with a consumer, at least one from each of the target audiences.  Live with them for a day.  See what they go through.  Actually witness a mom’s routine as she gets up, drops the kids off at school, commutes to work, makes dinner, tries to relax, and then goes to bed.  Watch how she consumes media like television, magazines, direct mail, e-mail, and websites.  Log on with her for an hour and see how she spends her time online.  Walk in her shoes for a day and observe her as a real person.  It will open your eyes; it has for me many times,” advises Jim.

Lots of great and practical advice is in this book, especially for healthcare and pharma marketers. I found this to be one of Jim’s most powerful statements, “What distinguishes really good marketers is a fundamental love, respect, and empathy for their customers.” Bravo!

Jim Joseph, the author of “The Experience Effect,” is President and Partner of Lippe Taylor Brand Communications.  Jim comes to Lippe Taylor from Publicis’ Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness where, during his tenure, the agency won several prestigious industry awards including “Agency of the Year” from DTC Perspectives on Excellence.

Disclaimer: We requested and received two complimentary copies of “The Experience Effect”, one for an unbiased review and the other to give away to one of our “fans.”  Next month, look for more book giveaways as we research a company’s culture as brand in “Delivering Happiness” and take you on an inside tour at Zappos!

*Phil Baumann’s name was randomly drawn by Kevin Fallowfield, Store Manager of The Auto Spot, while I waited for my car to be serviced, a great experience!

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4 responses to “GOOD READING: “The Experience Effect” by Jim Joseph”

  1. I love this quote too: What distinguishes really good marketers is a fundamental love, respect, and empathy for their customers.” I so agree! Marketers have to really think like, and walk in the shoes of their customers in order to provide real value ad…There is no substitute…Ellen

  2. I’ll be looking out for next month’s competition! Lovely idea, Angela 🙂

  3. Thank you, Ellen! I think this is key to the evolution in improving the customer experience–extending the “social” mindset to other parts of the organization.

    Always great to see you stop by and provide insights! Thanks, again.

  4. Thank you, Andrew! Great fun, too! Appreciate you.:)