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Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association EU Meets in Zurich

Silja Chouquet Hears Plans for 2010 from HBA EU Incoming President Friederike Sommer

Silja Chouquet Hears Plans for 2010 from HBA EU Incoming President Friederike Sommer

Silja Chouquet, CEO of whydot GmbH and one of the founders of #hcsmeu with Andrew Spong, is tweeting the details of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Conference, European Chapter, convening, October 2nd, in Zurich, Switzerland (#hbaeu.) HBA EU Incoming President Friederike Sommer discusses plans for 2010 with Silja in the video above.

Plans for the one-day conference focus on leadership in healthcare careers and include such topics as:

• Facts & Figures on Women’s Leadership Styles
• Your Individual Leadership Style vs Political Correctness and Diplomacy
• What Does It Take to be an Attractive Employee?
• What Are the Rules of the Leadership Game?
• Your Individual Presence and Leadership Style

A complete schedule can be found on Facebook and Silja will provide live streams via twitcam and #hbaeu on Twitter.

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), founded in 1977, is the premier catalyst for the professional development and leadership for women in the healthcare industry worldwide. The HBA Leadership Conference in the U.S. will take place In San Francisco, November 18-20, 2009.

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