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Keep Your Eye on the Ball to Keep Your Salary Going in the Right Direction

According to Medical Marketing & Media’s 2009 Career & Salary Survey, average salaries in the industry are not surprisingly down from a high of $133,700 in 2007 to $122,600 for 2009. MM&M’s survey includes manufacturers, agencies, media and service suppliers. The average salary for manufacturers actually rose 2.4% while the biggest decrease was reported for agencies with a 5.8% decrease over last year. There is still a gender gap, $135,043 being the average salary for men compared to $108,106 for women. However, women saw a slight uptick of 0.1% over last year.

Some highlights are that passive candidates are being more cautious in making a change, the biggest surplus in talent is for sales positions and the hardest to fill are scientific positions in the managed care markets. Agencies are staffing their digital areas with younger talent. Writers are seen as outliers who can enjoy security as freelancers in a tough market, while marketing research roles within the publishing industry are at a premium.

In a tough market, the role of the recruiter can be more important than ever. “Obviously, we strive to create a win-win for both our companies and our candidates,“ according to Matt Odom, principal at Odom & Co, “But, a big part of our job is managing fear of change.” Every job move is inherent with risks and rewards. “Your best opportunity will come from being honest about your expectations on an ongoing basis,” adds partner Brandon Lewis, “Our most successful candidates know what they want, communicate with us on a regular basis, and rely on us to keep them informed about new opportunities aligned with their goals. The right opportunity is available in any job market if you have a plan for your next move.”

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