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BE SOCIAL, MY FRIEND: Ángel González, Founder and CEO of Ideagoras

You have an impressive agency background, please tell us a little bit about yourself and Ideagoras.

I have worked in the advertising industry for the past 30 years, 20 with multinational companies. In the last decade, I specialized in Healthcare advertising, leading and managing change and innovation.

Ideagoras was founded in January, 2009. It is a fully independent startup company looking to bring the new paradigm of Social Marketing to the Healthcare industry.

Great name! Ideagoras means “marketplace of ideas” and was coined by Don Tapscott, correct?

Yes, Wikinomics was the inspiration. It was clear that the new collaborative Web was radically changing everything: politics, information, education…and the way brands were built.

Ideagoras – market place of ideas – as a company name conveyed all the attributes we embrace: disruptive ideas, branding in the new markets of conversations, collaboration, crowdsourcing, innovation, creating talkable brands and “socializing while advertising.”

Picture 133 Who should participate in Ideagoras?  Do you see Ideagoras as a European organization or a global organization?

We have our own in-house team and talented people.  However, we state that Ideagoras is a wiki and an open organization, meaning we are open to the external “wisdom of the crowds.” It is absolutely true that the many are smarter than the few, and talent does not understand boundaries.  You can find very talented people willing to contribute their ideas and suggestions driven solely by the joy factor.  This being said, I see Ideagoras as a global organization. Actually, we say we are based from the entire world.

You use Ning for the My Ideagoras community. Can you share why you picked this social media platform, and how it is working for you?

Ning is an intuitive and friendly social platform. In addition, it is very flexible; you can offer your members the basic utilities, but you can also introduce new ones, according to their “expected experience.”  In less than four months, My Ideagoras, has welcomed over 150 members from all over the world; all of them Healthcare Marketing and Advertising professionals excited about Social Media and its spirit of collaboration.

As a thought leader in the industry in Europe, what is your view of healthcare/pharma’s adoption of social media?  What are the challenges/opportunities for 2010?

Social Media adoption will take time in Healthcare as well as in other sectors.  I would point to two main reasons: the lack of knowledge in the “big and very valuable picture”  and, the fears to embrace failure and deal with regulatory issues.  However,  social media adoption is unstoppable, wanted or not, and those responsible for branding, communication and marketing will have to escape from their comfort zone in addressing social media.

I see many opportunities for 2010: evangelizing social media, monitoring the existing brand conversations, defining social media strategies, designing open ecosystems, integrating social media as mainstream at the communicating mix.  Those few paving the way of social media communications in Healthcare are in a position to strongly demand respect and reciprocity…we are not commodities.

How can agencies help?

Agencies should play an active role in helping clients to understand social media and adopt it.  Many “do not get” what is going on yet.  Addressing social media with their clients is uncomfortable, not only because in many cases they lack skills regarding this discipline, but because doing things differently challenges the establishment and status quo.

Agencies need to be radically reinvented; the model as we have known it is over. Agency professionals must be willing to leave their vanity embedded in the streams of the social conversations that has brought about this “silent digital revolution.”

Under what department in an organization do you see Social Media?  Who is responsible?

As an emerging area of communications, social media is trying to find its place.  Currently, you can find it in e-communications, in PR departments, in the marketing department as well in “no man’s land.” My personal opinion is social media is a radical change in paradigm and has to be adopted by the whole organization, from the top to bottom. Social media mindset has to permeate with everyone throughout the company.  With regards to social media analysis, planning and implementation, I would assign that responsibility to the marketing department.

Anything else you would like to add?

Be social, my friend, and join us at My Ideagoras.

You can follow Ángel González on Twitter at @angel189 and @Ideagoras.

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  1. Hola Ángel,

    Siempre un placer leer tu piensamientos… estas ¨on the edge¨ pero la ola va en tu direccion – seguro. Vi el otro dia el caso – Buy VIP. Impressioante lo que han creado en 3 años en 7 paises!!! I todo a traves de una Communidad y la recommendacion de miembros del ello! Poco a poco los marketing tipos antiguos y mainstream como yo vamos entendiendo lo que esta pasando y losque quieren va a tirarse a la picina si tienen caracter y los que no morriran.

    Keep the faith!



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  3. lo que yo queria, gracias

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