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May the Best Healthy Idea Win! 6 Days Left for BodyShock

BodyShock is a great idea!

IFTF’s BodyShock is the first of what is planned to be an annual competition to recruit crowdsourced designs and solutions for better health—to remake the future by rebooting the present. BodyShock calls upon the public to consider innovative ways to improve individual and collective health over the next 3-10 years by transforming our bodies and lifestyles.

Conceived by Rod Falcon of IFTF and Alexandra Carmichael of CureTogether, BodyShock is a call to bring unheard voices to the microphone. “We wanted to hear what the world thought would be positive designs for changing the future of global health. The ideas that are coming in are inspiring and many can definitely save lives and help us be healthier. We hope to inspire people to realize the impact that their ideas can have, and we will try to connect the winners to people who can help make their ideas a reality,” says Alexandra.

Right now, there are six days left to submit your idea or vote for your favorite!

Video or graphical entries illustrating new ideas, designs, products, technologies, and concepts, will be accepted from people around the world until September 1, 2010. Up to five winners will be flown to Palo Alto, California on October 8 to present their ideas and be connected to other innovative thinkers to help bring these ideas to life. The grand prize winner will receive the IFTF Roy Amara Prize of $3,000.

Entries may come from anyone anywhere and can include, but are not limited to, the following: Life extension, DIY Bio, Diabetic teenagers, Developing countries, Green health, Augmented reality, Self-tracking, and Pervasive games. Participants are challenged to use IFTF’s Health Horizons forecasts for the next decade of health and health care as inspiration, and design a solution for a problem that will be widespread in 3-10 years, using technologies that will become mainstream.

“Think ‘artifacts from the future’—simple, non-obvious, high-impact solutions that don’t exist yet, will be among the concepts we’re looking to the public to introduce,” said Rod Falcon, director of the Health Horizons Program at IFTF.

“Health doesn’t happen all at once; it’s a consequence of years of choices for our bodies and lifestyles—some large and some small. BodyShock is intended to spark new ideas to help us find our way back to health,” said Thomas Goetz, executive editor of Wired, author of The Decision Tree, and a member of the Health Advisory Board that will be judging the BodyShock contest in addition to votes from the public.

“BodyShock is a fantastic initiative. Global collaboration and participation from all voices can produce a true revolution,” said Linda Avey, founder of Brainstorm Research Foundation and another Advisor to BodyShock.

BodyShock’s grand prize, the Roy Amara Prize, is named for IFTF’s long-time president Roy Amara (1925-2000) and is part of a larger program of social impact projects at IFTF honoring his legacy, known as The Roy Amara Fund for Participatory Foresight, the Fund uses participatory tools to translate foresight research into concrete actions that address future social challenges.

Odom & Co says: Check out Regina Holliday’s idea! “Would you eat off a toilet seat?” Regina Holliday is a medical advocate muralist. She uses paint and brushes to promote health reform and patient’s rights.

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2 responses to “May the Best Healthy Idea Win! 6 Days Left for BodyShock”

  1. In this day and age of internet access to all kinds of information on healthy lifestyles it’s shocking how ignorant a large portion population is. To change this in the future we have to teach children the basics of diet excercise. How to be responsible for themselves with the choices they make. Not to be dependent on the State to care for them when they continuously make bad choices in life. To stand up and be counted be happy and involved. These are things they should learn from their parents. Unfortunatly many adults don’t know or never learnt these basic life skills and so the cycle of poverty continues. Investing in our children is the most cost effective approach to a better future for America.

  2. Thank you very much for visiting our blog, Dora, and for your comments!

    Yes, focus on children and developing healthy habits early is very important. Did you see our post on the Cleveland Clinic’s commitment to educating children on healthy eating at their Farmer’s Markets? http://www.odomandco.com/blog/cleveland-clinic-in-the-community-farmers-markets-social-media/

    Thank you,
    Angela Dunn