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MediaFunnel: THE Content Curation Tool for Twitter and Facebook

I first met the charming Andreas Wilkens, Co-Founder of MediaFunnel (formerly TweetFunnel) last year at TWTRCON in SanFrancisco and was immediately impressed with the content curation feature of his tool. MediaFunnel is a Twitter and Facebook management tool that has been consistently evolving over the past year, adding more interesting features and functionality. MediaFunnel allows businesses to better coordinate and manage their social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. It enables greater collaboration with teams throughout an enterprise, provides brand monitoring as part of the dashboard, and even allows outside guests or fans to contribute via SMS.

Media Funnel was at TWTRCON in New York City, June 14th, showing off their new ROI calculator set to debut in the next two weeks. View a video demonstration of MediaFunnel’s new ROI functionality. As part of the ROI tool, MediaFunnel will be integrating Klout True Reach measurement.

The most interesting thing about MediaFunnel is that it allows anyone across an enterprise to contribute content that can be reviewed, edited and then disseminated to your community via Twitter or Facebook. MediaFunnel moves content curation beyond the social media team and extends reach to everyone within your organization and even outside your organization with their new guest posting feature. Contributors are assigned varying degrees of editorial control including “contributors,” “publishers” and “administrators.” Contributors do NOT even need to be on Twitter or Facebook, they can email or text a suggested tweet or status update for your team’s publisher to review! Imagine a tool something like Yammer and Twitter with Social Mention and SMS.

Some examples of how MediaFunnel can be used in the healthcare industry include:

  • For pharma, the ability to move real-time news, gather internal information and provide feedback, for example, about a drug recall, are extraordinary.
  • For hospitals, you can engage a physician about their individual specialty instantly and provide your community with quality, real-time information.
  • For healthcare communications or public relations agencies, the ability to gather and manage content on various accounts simultaneously is a super benefit.

Brand monitoring built in to the dashboard of MediaFunnel allows you to see the conversations happening around your brand as well as business intelligence in your industry. You can then immediately provide feedback to your community via Twitter and/or Facebook.

Currently, the best part is Media Funnel has been a free tool that will be evolving into a reasonably priced subscriber model. It is beneficial for a small company as well as a large enterprise, even integrating with salesforce.com. Check it out to fully realize MediaFunnel’s benefits for your own organization and watch the quality of your community engagement grow.

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5 responses to “MediaFunnel: THE Content Curation Tool for Twitter and Facebook”

  1. I remember when Media Funnel was TweetFunnel. At the time I thought it was inventive but needed some maturing.

    Looks like they’ve come a long way.

    Great examples you list, Angela!

    Thanks for letting us know!


  2. Great share, Angela, thank you. I wasn’t aware this product had rebadged itself. I’ll take a look at the demo.

  3. Phil,

    Lots of new features in the past year–Facebook integration, guest posting and now ROI. Plus, the MediaFunnel team is very open to suggestions for improvements–a reason they are always retooling, they listen to their community!

    Thank you very much for taking a look!
    Angela Dunn

  4. Thank you, Andrew,

    One thing MediaFunnel still needs is a comprehensive walk-through for its capabilities. They have a few short videos, but are open to suggestions for more how-tos. I have actually put together a PowerPoint step by step for my team.

    Very interested in your thoughts after you have had a chance to review the tool!

    Angela Dunn

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