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New to Healthcare Marketing on Twitter? Join in the Chat!

If you are a newbie in the healthcare social media space, you may not be familiar with the idea of tweetchats, a cool way to network and learn on Twitter. Simply put, a “tweetchat” is an organized group chat on a particular topic that takes place at an appointed time on Twitter. Most tweetchats are held on a weekly basis at the same time. Tweetchats are organized around a key acronym or phrase preceded by a hashtag or the pound sign. For example, healthcare marketing has a weekly tweetchat organized with #hcmktg. Participants use #hcmktg to participate in the discussion.

You can also use a Twitter client, like TweetChat.com, to participate. Once on TweetChat.com, enter the “room” for the chat (i.e., #hcmktg) and sign in to twitter. Then, you can follow the discussion as it evolves. If you reply or participate in the chat, TweetChat.com will automatically add #hcmktg to your tweet.

It is a great way to meet new people in the field, learn best practices, and understand the topics that are timely in the healthcare industry.

The two most popular tweetchats in the healthcare space are: #hcmktg and #hcsm:

#hcmktg: Fridays 12 – 1pm CST Website: http://hcmktg.com

  • Described as chat related to healthcare marketing.
  • Leading the show: @hcmktg @IntervalChris @TalstoneDJ @reedsmith

#hcsm: Sundays 8 -9 pm CST Website: http://healthsocmed.com

  • Communication and marketing practices by healthcare organizations, including use of social media.
  • Leading the show: @HealthSocMed @danamlewis

Last week, Europe launched a healthcare chat on Fridays, which was over before we could participate.

#hcsmeu: Fridays 6 – 7 am CST Website: http://stwem.com

  • The goal is to create a European version of the successful US healthcare and social media discussion #hcsm.
  • Leading the show: @whydotpharma @andrewspong

Reflections on the inaugural event are summarized here, and organizers will be using http://www.coveritlive.com/ to follow the discussion beginning this Friday, August 14th.

Lewis Search looks forward to chatting with you.

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