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Odom & Co Asks #HCSMEU About the Future of Social Media Jobs in Healthcare/Pharma Marketing on Feb. 12

Odom & Co is interested in what #HCSMEU participants have to say about the future of social media jobs as they are evolving in our industry. We have added the question to HCSMEU’s ongoing Google Wiki of topics for February 12th. Please join the discussion this Friday, at 7 am EST, by going to Tweetchat.com and entering the hashtag #hcsmeu.

What can you share with our community about social media jobs in your healthcare/pharma marketing organization?

What social media job roles and titles do you have in your healthcare, healthcare communications or pharma company? What types of roles do you see being added as social media evolves in your agency or pharma company? Where does social media fit in your organizational chart? Is social media incorporated into another job function?  Are social media leaders seen as multi-disciplinary individuals or specialists in your industry?  What skills sets and challenges do you see for the role?

HCSMEU is a Tweetchat comprised of a forward-thinking group of healthcare and pharma professionals concerned about issues in the industry as they effect Europe.  However, participants from all over the world engage with this smart, friendly group led by Andrew Spong @andrewspong and Silja Chouquet @whydotpharma.  More information on HCSMEU can be found at: http://hcsmeu.com

Odom & Co is proud to be a sponsor of the the first HCSMEU “unconference” to be held in Berlin on March 31st, 2010.   Please follow event details at #hcsmeucamp, see the Agenda, Who Is Coming and How to Become a Sponsor.

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