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Ellen Hoenig of AdvanceMarketWoRx asked 12 leading bloggers and healthcare thought leaders to share recommendations on what they believed to be the top learning strategies for Pharma and Healthcare marketers in the year ahead.  The result is the eBook,  “Best Strategic Learning Investment for Marketers in 2010?” which is available for PDF download. Angela Dunn from Odom & Co was asked to participate and her guest post on how to put together a Pharma “Dream Team” for a new and “social” world in 2010 is also included below.


Radical shifts are taking place in leadership needs and business design.  According to the International Futures Forum, we are in an era of conceptual emergency where “the world we have created has outstripped our capacity to understand it.”  According to The Idea Hive, “We need a different vision of leadership to deal with this conceptual emergency. The role of the leader within this complex new world is not to know the answers, it is to ask the questions.”

The rules are not in place for how Pharma can engage in this new and “social” world.  No one has the answers yet. However, the foundation can be built with people who are willing to ask questions, who are willing to learn about the needs and wants of their customers. Who will comprise this “Dream Team” and what questions can they be asking?

The Innovator – Social Business Design

According to the Dachis group, “Social Business Design is the intentional creation of dynamic and socially calibrated systems, process and culture. The goal is improving value exchange among constituents.”  The opportunity is at the intersection of technology, work and society.  How will your business model be redesigned?  How can you improve customer participation, workforce collaboration and business partner optimization?

The Analyzer – Customer Intelligence

Marketing is the new finance.  The next generation of CMOs will need to master customer intelligence. “Transforming customer data into actionable intelligence and measuring the business impact of marketing will be key success imperatives for tomorrow’s CMO,” according to Dave Frankland of Advertising Age. Social media monitoring is transforming CRM, and even these tools are changing rapidly.  How will you use customer intelligence to strategically drive decisions across the enterprise?

The Concierge – Real-time Customer Experience

The companies who first differentiate themselves by having a process to deliver great real-time customer experiences will gain a competitive advantage.  How can you give your customers access to real-time solutions?

The Curator – Information as a Product

Information is as much of a product as anything else you sell.  It is not just about creating the content but linking to better sources of information and making sense of all that is available.  Content “curation” is one of the 10 Top Web Trends of 2010. How will you deliver the information your customers want?

The Influencer – Social Capital

According to Valdis Krebs of orgnet.com, social capital is the key to success for the 21st century organization, “The human assets that an organization uses to reach its goals include full- and part-time employees, contractors, consultants, partners…suppliers and customers.”  Those connected to innovators and thought leaders have valuable social capital. How much social capital do you have? How will you build it?  Who will be your Social Media Strategist?

The Teacher – Visual Learning, Technology and Applications

With the flood of data that has become available, it is easy to understand why organizing this data in a visual form is an ongoing trend.  Video has exploded, new mind-mapping systems are all the rage, and recently, Google launched Google Goggles, a visual search application for the Android phone.  The possibilities are astounding.  How can you simplify information for your customer visually?  How will you use new visual technologies to transform the customer experience?

The biggest investment for this learning will be time and human capital resources. Do you have a “Dream Team?”  Are you ready for 2010?

Angela Dunn is Director of Social Media Strategy & Recruiting for Odom & Co, a leading executive search firm in medical communications, medical education and pharma marketing.  You can reach Angela Dunn at Odom & Co directly at 904 425 3540 or at info@odomandco.com.

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3 responses to “PHARMA’S NEW “DREAM TEAM” 2010”

  1. Angela,
    Great post and thank you for participating in our eBook on learning for 2010…Asking questions will always be KEY to learning and leading in our ever changing digital future…Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you, Ellen, for taking the time and having the vision to seek out thought leadership to exchange these ideas for healthcare and pharma. We were honored to be included in your project and I have learned a lot from all the great contributions. You are truly a great resource for content; I have enjoyed following you on Twitter @ellenhoenig and recommend others interested in keeping abreast of our industry trends do so as well!

    All the best in 2010!

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