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Social Media 101 for Pharma from iQ Lab at GSW Worldwide

iQ Lab at GSW Worldwide takes a look at 14 real world examples of how Pharma Managers are using social media. Seven models are demonstrated to show value:

1. Make someone’s life easier.
2. Empower patient opinion leaders.
3. Listen for new insights.
4. Be the go-to resource.
5. Connect patients with one another.
6. Advocate a cause.
7. Create a shareworthy experience.

Examples from Novartis, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer, PatientsLikeMe, Roche, Memorial-Sloan Kettering, BioMarin, Bristol Myers Squibb, among others.

iQ Lab is the digital arm at at GSW Worldwide.

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