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TEDx Maastricht: “Fueling the next revolution in Medicine & Health”

TEDxMaastricht Fueling the next revolution in Medicine & Health from TEDx Maastricht on Vimeo.

TEDx are independently organized TED events. TED Curator Chris Anderson describes a TEDx event, “Around the world, thousands of people have been gathering in meetings to experience the power of ideas. The surprising thing about today’s meeting, is that we here at TED have had almost nothing to do with it.  We’ve lent our name, our format, a few simple guidelines and some of our content.  But the really hard work to make today happen, has been down to your local organizers and we’re truly in awe at the passion and dedication that they have shown to make something like this work.”

Organizing such a bold initiative focused on the future in healthcare is the passionate Lucien Engelen, Curator for TEDx Maastricht and known as @Zorg20 on Twitter. TEDx Maastricht “Fueling the next revolution in Medicine & Health” is scheduled for April 4, 2011, in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and “looks to open your eyes to a new way of thinking and articulating something you might or might not already know, but it will make it unforgettable.”

According to Lucien, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre is the driver of this initiative, “This is in direct relation to their current focus in Healthcare and their manner of creating a system in which the patient becomes a part of the team that collaboratively works towards to the improvement of their own health.” They call their focus REshape.

An impressive Advisory Board has been assembled and TEDx will be looking to fill positions to add to their crew and volunteers. Those interested should follow the TEDx Maastricht website for information as well as twitter @TEDxMaastricht.

In addition to being the Initiator and Curator of TEDx Maastricht, Lucien is Head of Regional Emergency Healthcare Networks, a Health 2.0 ambassador and Advisory to Executive Board for UMC Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

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