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The Psychology of the Interview: Part One

Most great candidates do not have much experience interviewing for their next position. Even though these candidates may shine in their roles as a SVP of Public Relations or Business Development, a Managing Director of Medical Communications or even a Senior Medical Director, does not mean they know how to be stellar in the interview process. Fortunately, as part of our service, Odom & Co spends a great deal of time effectively preparing top level candidates to successfully cull opportunities.

Over the next few posts, we will take you through the Odom & Co interview prep and give you valuable insight for getting the most out of your next interview.  This inside view will be mined from the expertise of Odom & Co principal, Matt Odom, and provide you with the unique “psychology of the interview.”
According to Matt Odom, you should be able to answer three questions after your first interview with a company:
1.  Can you do the job as it is defined to you?
2.  Is this an appropriate role for you at this point in your career?
3.  Do these seem to be the type of people you want to work with?
Throughout the next few blog posts, we will drill down into each of these questions, and prepare you with the questions you need to ask and the strategy you will need to use to get them answered.
“The purpose of the first interview is NOT to get the job,” states Odom, “Rather, you should view it as a fact-finding mission to determine if you want to move forward in the process.  If this is an appropriate role, your objective is to get as much information as possible, and land a second interview.”
If after your first interview, your answers to questions One and Two are “no,” Odom says there may still be something to talk about.
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