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Sometimes It Is Who You Know

Year after year, we follow the careers of those who, by virtue of their accomplishments, foresight and drive, are shaping the future of our industry. We stay in continuous communication with this core group of game-changing candidates, and when they are ready to take the next step along their career path, we are there for them.

Of course, we are always seeking out new talent who are ready to make their mark.

If We Were To Represent You

Our job is to find out what about you is most marketable, what distinguishes you from other candidates seeking positions at your level and with similar experience.

Businesspeople gathered around a table

We take the time. We dig deep. We conduct an in-depth interview that gives us true insight into what you want from your career, what you aspire to, what you are passionate about, and what you are willing to do in order to realize your aspiration. Then we crystallize your candidacy into a form that tells the story of a true contributor to the overall success of your industry.

Many times our candidates learn as much about themselves through this discovery process as we do about them. And always the process allows us to minimize wasted time and effort by presenting you to only those companies that represent a true opportunity to advance your career.

Your Next Opportunity

If You Are Looking To Make A Move

It may be that you are a strong candidate for one of our current search assignments. In that case, with your permission, we will introduce you in an appropriate manner to a principal client.

If you are an extraordinary talent who does not fit the profile of a position we have already been retained to fill, we will determine how best to present your achievements within the industry. Then we will market you in a manner consistent with the timeframe and parameters you set forth for your next challenge.

The entire employment landscape will be surveyed to find opportunities of interest. Once all possibilities are identified, we will narrow the field to only those companies that make sense for a person with your background and potential.

If You Are Always Open To Opportunity

Because we get to know our candidates as well as we do, we know what to look for in the way of their next opportunity. As a candidate with Odom & Co, your background, skill set and aspirations will continue to be considered for any new opportunities we may uncover. In essence, we are always working for you.


Make An Informed Decision

Many of our candidates appreciate our experience and readiness to help in the area of interview preparation.

People interacting

This process enables you to present your relevant qualifications and communicate your core competencies and transferrable skills with complete confidence.

We will also prepare you to effectively interview your interviewers. We will work to help you ask the precise questions that will determine the true worth of the opportunity presented to you.

Our Process

Our process makes certain that we take the time to know people as people, not as players in a game. We stick to the process, determined to make the right connection, always thinking big picture, long term, and in the best interests of all involved.

As a result, we are the one search firm in our field that consistently brings together mountain-moving combinations of people and projects of equal ambition.