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Chief Medical Officer and Managing Director

  • Location: Atlanta
  • Reference Code: 18375

This Executive Candidate has held titles of Chief Medical Officer and Managing Director.  He has helped build strategic medical content businesses and overseen growth from $4MM to over $100MM in 6 years.

This Candidate is an innovator, who has helped create a variety of novel medical content products and marketing strategies including:

  • Premier medical news site: The site publishes some 2000 to 2500 original, copyrighted reports from 125 conferences around the world.  In addition, it collates abstracts from over 2000 peer-reviewed journals, has one of the most comprehensive medical conference calendars anywhere, a continuously updated drug database and more.  In the past few years, it had original stories based on peer-reviewed journal articles, and it continues to have a large number of press releases from credible academic sources.
  • Multimedia CME programs- the most successful line of short format, multimedia, multichannel educational programs. In US CME, these programs have been generating revenues in the $20 M range for the last several years, and in the ex-US market, these programs have been generating between $5-10 M over the same time period. The external key to their success is the ability to rapidly create and engage the physician using the modality of their choice. The internal key to success is the operational efficiencies and expertise created by using a similar platform and process to create a large number (~200/ year) programs that offer a clear and enduring value proposition.
  • Promotional programs- Most promotional programs are advertisements and are developed based on what the client wishes to say vs. what DDMAC will let them say. These programs were developed using the same short format, multimedia, multichannel prototype and were based on what the physician would want to know and then deliver messaging in that context. This led to open rates as high as 43% and revenues of $19 M within 16 months of the launch of the first program.

As a medical director, he has personally developed hundreds of strategic world-wide initiatives for more than 50 brands for ~15 pharmaceutical companies (including all major companies and across all therapeutic areas).

In addition to his medical degree, he has more than 4 years of molecular oncology research experience at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

This candidate is located in the southeast U.S. but he is very comfortable with relocating domestically or abroad.

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