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UK Based Medcomms Business Builder/Leader

  • Location: UK
  • Reference Code: 5310
This candidate is a highly motivated, results oriented senior business leader who has lead product launches, created a new business venture in medical communications in the USA that became a $10m+ business in year one, developed opportunities across markets and set up a European oncology CME business. He is a highly respected team leader and has created and developed winning strategies in both the phTarmaceutical and marketing services sectors. He has extensive experience in marketing and CME in both the USA and Europe, and is experienced across many therapeutic areas. His leadership skills have enabled him to develop and implement major change management programs that have improved performance both in revenue and EBITDA.Some of his key career achievements include;
•       The strategic plan development, staff recruitment and implementation of the creation of a US office for an EU based medical communications business. The US business was an immense success with revenue of over $10m in year one.
•       Launch of a major pharmaceutical brand, initially in the UK and then globally from his role in international marketing for a major pharmaceutical company.
•       A consistent track record of individual and team leadership sales success. He lead a team in medical communications that won and grew multi $million accounts, contributing significantly to the organization’s growth.
•       With no resources created a multi-sponsor CME business in oncology in Europe in 2009/10. He basically created a new market. First year revenues were $750k. He was responsible for all aspects as a sole operator in Europe including sales, KOL relationship development and execution.
•       He was the successful leader of a major medical communications business in the UK and USA, including over 225 staff and consistently demonstrated growth in revenues and EBITDA margins over many years.
•       Developed the strategic plan for, and implemented, a major change program in a major US based corporation. The program focused the organization on strategic priorities, improved revenues, reduced expenses and increased (and maintained) EBITDA margins from 2% to 22.5% within one year.
•       Lead his US organization to vendor of the year status three years running, the first time this had been achieved and it has never been beaten.

This outstanding candidate seeks a position where his unique set of skills can be utilized to help organizations’ that want dynamic and motivational leadership to help grow their business, to utilize his experience, revenue generating and communication skills across marketing and CME, across cultures and geographical borders, and to drive strategic vision and efficient business growth. He is a uniquely skilled international manager.

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