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VP Group Acct Supervisor

  • Location: New York City
  • Reference Code: 24234

This Candidate’s core competency is their scientific focused strategic and visionary leader with global and U.S. prescription blockbuster launch success track record.

In this Candidate’s most recent role, as VP Group Account Supervisor, for atop pharmaceutical brand communication company leading strategy in high science categories for over 10 years,  this Candidate successfully launched 3 cardiovascular brands and 1 HIV brand in the last 4 years.  This Candidate has also built up the market share for other top brands in the healthcare industry.  This Candidate has medical and branding communication strategy expertise in a wide range of scientific categories such as: cardiovascular, virology/HIV, oncology, neurology/psychotropic, biologics, urology, gastroenterology and dermatology.

This Candidate also has global market expertise in launch and branding.  This Candidate has launched US brands within a global launch environment and has collaborated with the global marketing team, from one of the major pharmaceutical companies, on global launch and brand plans.  This Candidate’s ability to craft universal strategy for global markets yet collaborates with regional CPOs to adapt global strategy for regional cultural and regulatory differences.

This Candidate is scientifically adept at pre-launch disease modeling.  Their ability to delve deeply into science of various conditions and has creative scientific thinking ability to create new medical and brand paradigms based on brands unique differentiating solution to the category.  This Candidate has collaborated with KOL physicians to build new category disease models and brand MOA paradigms for pre-launch positioning and communication strategy.  This Candidate uses the Harvard based, “Blue Ocean Strategy” approach to create new scientific models to create breakthroughs in scientific understanding, making the competition irrelevant.

This Candidate is a brand architect that has brand building expertise.  This Candidate was trained by top branding experts in the consumer healthcare world and has adapted a similar branding model for pre-launch and launch stages in the pharmaceutical industry.  This Candidate is a strategic planner with research and psychology insight.  Working with one of the top pharmaceutical companies as a strategic planner and advisor, providing effective strategic planning and brand growth recommendations to senior management and marketing teams, provided them the opportunity to uncover the core physician psychological insights that trigger the motivation behind physician prescribing behavior.  This Candidate can develop effective brand growth ideas, generated from qualitative and quantitative research, to direct effective creative advertising that resonates with physician audience.

This Candidate is an integrator on multi-faceted and digital communication.  This Candidate is experienced as a brand communication lead on a leading anticoagulant, an antiarrhythmic, and a dermatology brand between multiple communication disciplines including medical education, professional, patient, DTC, PR and digital.  This Candidate has created new physician influence models as well as integrative multichannel leading digital communication technology to transform brand.  This Candidate developed first to pharma industry, virtual community for top KOLs and Early adopter Influencers that fully integrates with offline speaker training programs, symposium discussions and early trail program with virtual community.

This Candidate is looking to stay in New York City, and would like for their next opportunity to be within the therapeutic area of oncology.

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