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Discovering Your Mission, Vision And Culture

In advance of filling any position for you, we become thoroughly familiar with your company; its mission, vision and culture.

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Through our in-depth interview process, we determine how your company compares to other companies seeking similar professionals. We uncover how your company has to distinguished itself in the field; what products or services it has developed that have enhanced your industry; what innovations your company has introduced that have saved your clients money; or increased the efficiency of your business category as a whole. As a result of this discovery process, we can properly represent you and introduce you to only those candidates who match your profile of performance and measure up to your standards of accomplishment.

Narrowing The Field Through Precise Feedback

Our discovery process helps us build a profile of the ideal candidate for the position you seek to fill. We learn what resources the new hire will have at his or her disposal, and who will comprise the team. Only after learning all there is to know about the position do we begin introducing you to qualified candidates. Then the real work begins.

After each candidate has been interviewed by your team, we work with you to identify the pros and cons of each. Through this post-interview process, we narrow the parameters of our search until we bring to you the one candidate who truly fits the profile of the position you seek to fill.

If We Were To Work For You

As specialists in the medical communications industry, Odom & Co maintains a limited number of client companies. By maintaining this sensible source/client company ratio, we are able to work hand-in-hand with our client companies to identify key competitive talent in the marketplace.